Professional Accreditation
Shenzhen Power Plus Electronics Co.,Ltd, a professional is a large-scale battery, charger group company, the company has more than 100 people. The three post doctoral, 10, and 40 master to lead the strong R & D team. Factory area, a total of more than 60000 square meters. The company has 6000 employees, including 1300 professional technical engineers and 400 quality management personnel. Now the factory's strong production capacity of 200 units / day self balancing unicycle. All products of our company are certified by UL, CE, FCC, RBRC, and. ISO14000 management system of production, to scientific and technological innovation lead the industry pioneer, to management and innovation of cost, so that the quality of our products the industry best and most competitive price. Sales and service more intimate. Give customers the most satisfactory.






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