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13800 mAh 400 Amp Peak Portable Car Jump Starter Battery Booster with USB Power Bank and LED Flashlight for Truck Motorcycle Boat Automotive, Red and Black


Peak Current 600A
Output Voltage at Auto Start End 12V 
Start Currant 300A 
Charger mode: CC/CV 15V1A 
Dimension: 160*76*33mm 
Applicable Temperature Range: 0-85℃ 

Good to Know

*Always Connect the BLACK Clamp to the Negative (-) and RED Clamp to the Positive (+) to prevent damage to the device and the car battery. 
*Do not touch the RED and BLACK cable clamps together. 
*Attempt to Crank to start the engine. 
*Once the Engine Has Successfully Started, Disconnect the Jumper Cable Clamps Immediately. 
*Make Sure the Battery Capacity of the Device is above 50%. 
*Plug the Jumper Cables into the Barrel Socket of the Device and Connect the Jumper Cable Clamps to the drained battery of the vehicle. 


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3.Home Charger
4.Laptop Interface
5.Laptop Adapter Cable
6.Mobile Phone Interface
7.Mobile Phone Adapter Cable emergency car jump st






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