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Tinyfish S7 Battery Case, Ultra Slim Charging Case 5600mAh Extended Portable Charger Case Rechargeable Power Pack Juice Bank For Samsung Galaxy S7(Gold)

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  • Updated Version Better Performance Samsung S7 battery charger case, cut outs for all the Samsung Galaxy S7 features, use your phone without removing it from the case, slim-fit battery casing chargers and protects your Samsung Galaxy S7 without bulk. 4200 mAh rechargeable perfect fit your phone case, charging and protecting 2 in 1.
    The built-in smart chip will cut off the output to prevent overcharging and short circuit to protect your phone and the battery case. And you can check the remaining battery level anytime by 4 leds.
    Easy to use: Sleek ON/OFF button on the Los Gears Samsung S7 battery case is available to easily turn on the extra juice whenever you need it. This battery Case is perfect for every day, or emergency use.
    Quality batteries: High-quality batteries, with high energy density, no memory effect, high conversion rate, slow decay, long life and other advantages of high security features.
    Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S7 ONLY. Life time warranty and sold by Los Gears.


Galaxy S7 Battery Case Product 

1. Slide your phone lightly into the power case, and make sure phone is well connected to micro USB connecter of the power case. 
2. Press the ON/OFF switch to start or stop the charging, the charging signal will be showed on the phone screen. 
3. Press the ON/OFF switch once to check the battery level. 
4. The lighting LED indicators will show the battery percent as follows: 4LED >100%, 3LED>75%, 2LED>50% , 1LED>25%. 

Capacity: 6500 mAh 
Output: 5V 2A 
Input: 5V 2A 
Battery:lithium-polymer battery
Micro USB2.0 input port
Micro USB2.0 output port
Charging time for battery case: 4-6 hours. 

1. Please fully charging and discharging at least 1 times at the first use. 
2. Dot not break, dismanting, into the fire or placed in hot and humid place. Keep away from Children. 
3. Please turn off the power when not in use, in order to avoid continuous power. 

Package Includes: 
1 * Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 ; 
1 * User manual






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